Oil & Gas Field Services

Site preparation

  • Foliage removal
  • Leveling area
  • Added fill or surface material
  • Site remediation of existing facilities

Construction and maintenance of access roads

  • Grading and / or resurfacing
  • Foliage control through trimming and chemical coverage

Construction and maintenance of well pads

  • Foliage suppression through chemical coverage
  • Grading and resurfacing
  • On-site solid waste disposal

Irrigation / miscellaneous construction

  • Survey and planning for area irrigation
  • Construction of irrigation systems
  • Maintenance of existing irrigation systems
  • Installation and maintenance of cattle crossings

Concrete construction

  • Concrete pads
  • Valve chambers
  • Tank foundations

Accommodation construction

Planning and construction of man camps and amenities

  • Containerized or pre-manufactured
  • Onsite dining facility
  • Recreation
  • Utility facilities (laundry, common area, etc.)

Additional services

  • Hydro excavation
  • Construction of water holding/containment pits (temporary or permanent)
  • Installation of gates and fencing (temporary or permanent)
  • Construction of wash out racks (temporary or permanent)
  • On site garbage disposal
  • On site pressure washing
    • Frac tanks cleanout and flushing
    • Storage tanks
    • Equipment
    • Trucks
    • Masonry and foundation
    • Catch basins for production trains
    • Wash out racks
  • Clean out of open/close drain lines using roto rooter and pressure washer


  • Valve replacement and upgrades
  • Valve flange torque crew